A book for investors

Because the print run of the first edition is limited and all copies are numbered and thus unique, it is expected that today's price will be the lowest price of the complete 5 tomes ever; moreover, it is more than likely that the price will only rise in the future. There will be no reprint in this form, and therefore the purchase of The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola is a good and safe financial investment.

Because of the high prices of some works of art, it may seem that those work are available only for the upper classes who seek new ways of diversifying their wealth. But whatever the reason for the purchase of a work of art, the most important is our attitude towards the work.

A purchase of the “holy book of the Slovenian nation” is a good investment. Art prices have risen in the last few years in the Slovenian market, a trend that will continue, say the experts. If you have an aesthetic feel and can enjoy in good art, one of the possible investments can be the purchase of a quality artwork from a quality author.

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